Our goal is to maximize your rewards potential

Our goal is simple, operate a secure, highly resilient and always on stake pool to ensure we maximise on your rewards potential. We aim to provide a worry-free service with a business model that ensures our longevity and sustainability. So if you prefer the set and forget approach then let us do the hard work for you.

Our Stake Pool

Ticker: GUARD
Pool Name: Guardian ADA Pool
Pool ID: a7d244326c48eaa43b1921a56802b2e3be1cc89aed6a321fb9d9ad603e0614f2
Margin: 8%
Fixed cost: 0

About Us

Our goal is simple but not easy, our stake pool is backed by technology professionals with over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing complex solutions for enterprises. We hope to take these experiences along with our passion for crytocurrency, in particular Cardano to deliver a service that achieves our goal and ultimately benefit you our delegators for putting your trust in our pool. Our vision is one of longevity so we plan our business model around an 8% margin to ensure our long term sustainability.

Shelly Incentivized TestNet

The aim of the testnet is to prove out the network, infrastructure, research and hardwork that has gone into the Cardano eco-system. It will uncover undoubtedly many bugs and issues however this is a good thing as it will ensure the network can be optmised and all material issues addressed before the mainnet. The more we uncover and resolve in the testnet the more successful Cardano will be when POS goes live and mainstream.



Contact Us.

Email us at guardianadapool@protonmail.com